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Strategies to Reduce Risk for Better Business Results

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Throughout our history Capax – Giddings, Corby, Hynes has provided innovative risk management solutions for our clients. Many of these solutions were developed by us for the exclusive use of our clients. Those risk management tools include single cell and group captive products, a proprietary fleet safety training program, human resources management tools, and fraud investigation; to name a few.

Through our Director of Risk Management and our Risk Management Department, we offer education about our services and outreach to help our insureds take advantage of those programs that would be beneficial for them.

Capax – Giddings, Corby, Hynes has loss control and safety trainers on staff. We deliver start-up wellness programs for our client’s employees. We conduct inspections designed to help insureds understand their exposures, and assist them in developing a plan to mitigate those exposures wherever possible.

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Capax – Giddings, Corby, Hynes is affiliated with Enterprise Risk Management Insurance Services, a consultant with expertise in alternative funded products for health, worker’s compensation and commercial package as well as unique risks that clients generally self-insure. All of these products are offered in conjunction with ERMIS, as most have unique features that require extraordinary expertise in risk management.
Capax – Giddings, Corby, Hynes has a Special Risk Department that consults with insureds as they explore the many ways to reduce, eliminate, or mitigate risk.

Food Safety

Over the last several years Capax – Giddings, Corby, Hynes has developed significant expertise relative to the Global Food Safety Initiative movement.  Several of our brokers have had extensive training in the Global Food Safety Initiative program.  GFSI was established to insure confidence in the delivery of safe food to consumers worldwide.
Standards address food, packaging, packing materials, storage and distribution for growers, manufacturer and distributors.  Giddings, Corby, Hynes brokers can help growers, packers, shippers, and manufacturers prepare their businesses for certification by GFSI, which is quickly becoming a prerequisite for selling farm products worldwide.  At the moment we know of no other Northern California broker that has invested in this training.

Workplace Safety

The California Code of Regulations requires every employer to develop and implement an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program. An IIPP is a basic written workplace safety program and a working document that must be regularly reviewed and updated in order to effectively improve the safety and health in your workplace. In addition to field safety training, Capax – Giddings, Corby, Hynes offers a wealth of resources to successfully implement and monitor your IIPP as well as manage the necessary training.

Human Resources Management

As a Business Owner your most valuable asset are your employees. However recruiting, hiring and managing those employees can be a daunting task and one of the largest exposures your company faces. Capax – Giddings, Corby, Hynes provides access to live human resource experts to guide our insureds through complex employment practice issues and legal regulations relating to employment. In addition we provide online resources to assist with hiring, firing and retaining the right employees so you can spend more time working on, not in your business.

Client Portal

Capax-Giddings, Corby, Hynes provides more than insurance and good advice.  We partner with our clients to help them achieve better business results through risk management and value added services.  Capax clients have access to several online platforms to help manage business efficiently, conveniently and gain access to resources that help protect, service, and inform the businesses that we work with.

Risk Management

This online platform provides a unique software suite of safety and risk management tools designed to empower an organization’s risk prevention efforts. The risk management center provides access to an online library of bilingual safety training materials, a certificate of insurance tracking system, injury and incident tracking for OSHA compliance, and more.

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A portal that provides online access to policy information, the ability to issue certificates of insurance and auto ID cards, review schedules, and more.

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