Professionals in the Art & Framing Industry have designed the “Frame It” business insurance program with your special needs in mind. Business owners nationwide appreciate what the “Frame It” program has to offer.

With over 100 years in business and over 3,000 members, “Frame It” has the experience and resources to serve your business with adequate coverage and provide you with a strategy to control costs.

Join the “Frame It” Nationwide Business Insurance Program:
We can provide you with Group Purchasing Power… which means lower insurance premiums and better coverage!

Workers’ Compensation
Business Insurance
Property Liability
Automobile Liability
Efficient Claims Services

Before you renew this year, compare your current insurance policy with the “Frame It” Program.


Serving the Art & Framing Industry since 1989

In the world of art & framing presentation is everything. The right frame  enhances the look of a picture, and its value. That’s why you take pride in your workmanship; from selecting the materials, to building the frames, to mounting the pictures, and carefully packing and shipping the finished piece.

Your picture frames are as important to the finished piece as the artist’s concept. The same is true about business insurance, because the right coverage is just as important to your business as your products. When selecting a business insurance program, you need coverage that protects your products and operations against the unique exposures you face every day such as damage to artwork.

Frame It understands the art and picture framing business. We’ve devoted years to learn the business of your business.  Our coverage is designed for you.

That’s exactly why Frame It is offered nationwide. This program is designed to meet the special needs of the picture framing industry. Designed by Picture Framers for Picture Framers.

Program features:

Experienced administrator who understands your business.
Exclusive Frame It insurance coverages for picture framers
Competitive pricing
Convenient payment options
Efficient claims handling
Long-standing Stability

Insuring the Art & Framing Industry Nationwide

Our program administrators, have more than 100 years of management and insurance expertise nationwide. Our program is designed specifically for retail, wholesale and manufacturing businesses. We can protect you against business risks you face everyday; many of which are not covered by most standard insurance policies. Others may not understand your business, we do!

Extra Coverage:

Customers’ Goods Extension
Protects customers’ goods in your possession from marring, scratching, breakage – up to $15,000 while framing

Property Off Premises On A Business Vehicle & In Transit From A Hired Carrier:

Automatically provides coverage for $15,000; options up to $100,000 are available.

Business Liability:

Protects your business from claims arising from injuries to your customers or the general public. The policy includes coverage for premises – operations, products – completed operations, personal injury and advertising injury liability. Defense costs incurred as a result of such claims are covered regardless of fault

Workers’ Compensation:

Covers your employees for work-related injuries. Because you are a program member, your risk is spread over the entire group, thus increasing your buying power and lowering your costs.

Superior Claims Handling:

Claims professionals will provide Frame It members with prompt, local, experienced claim services nationwide.

Loss Control Advice:

Valuable information for Frame It members about how you can protect your business from loss.

Long-standing Stability:

  • The Hartford
  • CNA -Preferred Employers
  • All have earned excellent A+ financial ratings.

Building and Business Personal Property:

Pays to repair or replace your building and any equipment, stock furniture or fixtures for covered losses including theft and tenant improvements.

Five important coverages are packaged for Frame It members at a much lower cost than if they were purchased separately:

$25,000 Valuable Papers
$25,000 Accounts Receivable
$10,000 Computers and Media
Actual Loss Business Income (not exceeding 12 mos.)
**Higher Limits Available**

With the Frame It Business Insurance Program you will get unbeatable protection and service. Isn’t that what you want for your business?

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