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At Capax, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide thoughtful and comprehensive insurance solutions to individuals and families.  We are uniquely positioned in the marketplace to deliver exceptional choice, excellent coverages, and expert advice; making CAPAX companies the top choice for customers who want the best insurance value available.  We’ve achieved this position by partnering with the premier regional and national insurance carriers, strategically seeking out unique and exclusive programs and products, and committing as a company to market knowledge and continuing education.  Talk to one of our agents today to find out how you can take your insurance protection to the next level.


Protection starts at home.  If you are a homeowner, your property is likely the largest asset you will ever own.  Incorrect or incomplete coverage can put that valuable asset at risk.  Our agents have the tools available to make sure your homeowners insurance will meet your expectations in the event of a claim.  Our homeowners insurance products will provide you with the property coverage and liability protection you need and the specialty coverage endorsements you desire.  Do you have valuable jewelry, a treasured piece of fine art, or a valuable collection?  Talk to one of our agents today to make sure that your coverage is complete, and that you’ll be satisfied should you ever experience a loss.

Do you rent your home?  Don’t underestimate the value of renter’s insurance protection.  Living without personal liability coverage is living dangerously; and the loss of all your hard-earned possessions can be a devastating financial setback.  Talk to one of our agents to learn how affordable renter’s insurance can be.

Auto Insurance

Personal auto insurance is a must in the state of California; why not make sure that policy you’ve been paying for will meet your expectations should you ever have to use it?  Our agents will happily explain to you the ins-and-outs of personal automobile coverage so that you can make an informed buying decision, and get the coverages you truly want & need.  Are you a teacher, or a nurse?  AARP member, or college grad?  Are you a low-mileage retiree or a busy professional who works out of their car?  We have competitive markets available with specialty discounts for all types of buyers; making us the ideal choice for nearly every client, with nearly any type of need.    Trust us with your auto coverage, and expect serious protection and peace-of-mind.

Recreational Vehicles

At Capax, we understand your passion for life beyond the ordinary; whether that means weekends boating on the lake, cruising the highways on your motorcycle, or camping out in your trailer or RV.  We have access to industry leading programs for motorcycle insurance, watercraft, antique & collector cars, and travel trailers or RVs.  If you’ve got a trailer hitch on your truck or SUV, you can bet we’ve got the right insurance product to protect whatever you’re towing.  Talk to one of our agents for a complete exposure review, and learn about all of the options we have available.


The most important component of every complete personal insurance plan, personal umbrella protection can mean the difference between quick recovery and financial ruin in the wake of a tragic accident.  Whether you’re behind the wheel, or hosting at home; you can be made financially responsible for untold damages when a common accident results in disability or death.  A personal umbrella policy, in conjunction with your underlying policies, can provide you with the coverage you need to make sure unexpected accidents like these don’t mean the end of life as you know it.  Talk to an agent today to learn just how affordable this important coverage can be.

Capax offers competitive and comprehensive coverage for you and your family. Please contact one of our representatives below to discuss your coverage needs and request a proposal.