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Here at Capax, we value our people; both our clients and our own employees. As your business team likely knows, a well developed and implemented group benefits plan can not only attract exceptional future staff, it can also help you retain them so you don’t lose the investment you made in attracting and developing talent.
Capax houses a Benefits Practice Team that understands how creating this integral benefits plan can be both demanding and labor intensive. Our team can help you navigate the development and implementation of your company’s employee benefits program, so that you can focus more on your business.
We value raising the bar with our insurance solutions, and will provide you and your Human Resources staff with access to information on the ever changing labor laws to keep you in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. In addition, we offer an HR solution that provides you an online client portal with direct access via phone or email to Human Resource Professionals.
Call one of our business advisors today to learn more about how Capax provided services can enhance your group benefit plan.

Group Medical

We provide innovative solutions for both small group plans (1-100 employees) and mid/large group plans (100+ employees). We work with a wide range of carriers, so our Benefits team can tailor your group plans, as well as the costs, to meet your business’ specific needs.  Capax can also set you up with Telemedicine services as an efficient and convenient option to get medical treatment which reduces employee time away from work. We can also offer Wellness Programs, which are in high demand by today’s health conscious workforce.

Group Dental & Vision

After choosing a medical plan, our Benefits team can add value to your employees’ benefit package with the two most sought after add-on plans in a benefit package: Dental & Vision.  Offering access to preventive oral and vision plans can avert future larger health issues that can cause your employees to miss work or lower productivity. As a business owner or manager, you know a healthy employee is good for your company. As with our medical plans, we offer dental and vision plans from a wide variety of carriers that we can suit to your company’s needs.

Group Life

For a plan option that’s simple and affordable, Group Life is a necessary part of taking care of your employees’ needs. You’ll retain those who value protecting their lifestyle by creating a safety net for their families in the most difficult of times.

Group Long Term Care

An increasing number of employers are helping their employees plan for the very real risk of needing long term care. Long Term Care policies have traditionally been available on an individual basis.  Recently, they have become available on a group basis and offer tax incentives. Employer sponsored long term care benefit programs can be 100% voluntary with the entire premium paid by the employee, or carved out for business owners and key employees as a company paid benefit.

Self-Funded Plans

Health insurance costs are a significant expense; therefore saving money in this area can have a substantial impact on a business’s bottom line. When assessing whether a self-funded plan is right for you, factors to evaluate include past coverage utilization, company cash flow, and the demographics of the employees being covered. We can work with you to transition from a fully insured plan, to a Self-Funded plan where there is greater flexibility in plan design and administration. One of the biggest advantages of a self-funded benefit plan is a potential positive affect on cash flow. Self-Funded plans are also generally exempt from premium taxes, which immediately lower employers’ costs.


Disability insurance is a crucial component to add to any employer’s Group benefits package. Here at Capax, we realize that if an employee were to be disabled from work, it could be financially devastating. By simply making short term and long term disability benefits available to your employees, you will convey the importance of this valuable and affordable benefit for their own welfare.


Individual Plans are also available for Health, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Disability and Long Term Care. The carriers we work with can provide affordable options, personalized support, information and tools to assist you in making informed decisions for you and your family.